Monday, November 10, 2014

HOLY Moly The Book Mormon Is Headed For Kitchener Waterloo

Parents Night Out

This past weekend we made the trek to Toronto to see what all the buzz was about surrounding THE BOOK OF MORMON.

Being the brainchild of the creators of South Park we knew we had to be prepared for some shocking entertaiment. We were told by several people that it is so outrageous that it is impossible to describe.

Then we saw this fella

Which made us let our guard down a bit, but don't let him fool you. This well groomed cookie has a little more to him than you would think. You see he could be he character Elder Price. known for his "Holier Than Thou" demeanor or Elder Cunningham looking to play the part just to fit in, or maybe he is just one remaining missionaries that just keeps smiling while dealing with their inner turmoil. You'll have to be one to determine which character this cookie represents.

This musical is much more than the musical number you have seen performed at the Tony Awards

The show was filled with tongue in cheek musical numbers, some are tame like this but others will have your jaw dropping to the floor while your toe is tapping along to the beat.  The comedic timing is so incredible you'll be asking yourself did they really just say that? but before it can fully register they will deliver another line that you will shock you. It's full of dance numbers and memorable sets with a cast of characters with a variety of personalites.

It's a musical about beliefs or lack there of, cultures and how they clash, the similarites and differences of all humanity. It's also about the past and the present and if you follow closely it even references the fictional future. So while you're trying to wrap your head around this, know that I did my best to relay the story of what so many found so outrageous that it is impossible to describe.

After the show the actors informed us that they support The Actors Fund of Canada which also supports the fight against AIDS and encouraged patrons to support the cause as well.

So if you are a fan of the South Park franchise, you're okay with Explicit Language and Adult Themes, then get ready for THE BOOK OF MORMON to take it to the next level and then some next month at Centre In The Square in Kitchener Ontario!