Saturday, August 2, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - Grabbing Our Spot At Galaxy Cinema Waterloo

Wednesday night we had the opportunity to attend the screening of the new Marvel film Guardians of The Galaxy thanks to Walt Disney Studios.  Where would be the best place to see it in Kitchener-Waterloo? Galaxy Cinemas of course!

Makings of the new Marvel Franchise

I am a long time fan of the Marvel Movies! I'm talking XMEN, Spiderman with Toby McGuire,  and even Daredevil (yes I know many didn't see Ben Afleck as the superhero, but I enjoyed the film).  When Marvel upped their game and began Marvel Studios the Marvel Universe became open territory for all of their comics to come to the big screen.  This included the lesser known heroes the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Time For Action

I have been a long time action film fan, but this is a genre Diane is new to.  Earlier in the year we went to Need For Speed and with that she was able to see why I have a fondness for the "over the top-ness" of action films.  Now that she was being introduced to Marvel it gave her a taste of what happens when action meets superpowers.  I had let her know how Marvel tends to link their films

and that a few past characters will pop up in this film (click here for the spoiler). I also let her know with Marvel movies you need to stay after the credits for a teaser of their next film.

Guardians of the Galaxy Is A GO!

We mean it! Go see this funny, futuristic and full of action film!

Need more reason to see it? They reference KEVIN BACON in the movie!

 *Warning there is a bit of Foul language, but I believe it wouldn't be anything your tween or teen has not heard before. 
We really enjoyed the movie and we waited for the post credit sceen and...... nothing.
While I was bewildered by this Diane pointed out that I was not the only one, as more than half of the theartre stayed as well.
Of course I had to get to the bottom of this and on this post it is explained that the premieres did not have the post credits sceen but there is one (with the spolier of it).

What More Could There Be?

While we thought it was great to be watching Guardians of the Galaxy @ Galaxy Cinemas our friend Wendy of the Mapsgirl Blog was at the Toronto screening and David Bautista, who plays DRAX in the movie made an appearance!

She even got a selfie with him!
So as you can see we're all about the @Guardians right now! Go see it and leave a comment with your review!

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