Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Levees 2014 In The Kitchener Waterloo Area

Welcome To 2014!!!!!
A New Year's Day Leeve Is Quite A Canadian Tradition
According to Wikipedia a Present Day Levee can be defined as.....
Levées are the receptions (usually, but not necessarily, on New Year's Day) held by the governor general, the lieutenant governors of the provinces, the military and others, to mark the start of another year and to provide an opportunity for the public to pay their respects.

Most levées may be attended by any citizen, including children.[3][4] Attending the lieutenant governor's levée is an annual ritual for some families.

Today the levée has evolved from the earlier, more boisterous party into a more sedate and informal one. It is an occasion to call upon representatives of the monarch, military and municipal governments and to exchange New Year's greetings and best wishes for the new year, to renew old acquaintances and to meet new friends. It is also an opportunity to reflect upon the events of the past year and to welcome the opportunities of the New Year.

Local Levee Celebrations in 2014 

In the Kitchener Waterloo area Levees are hosted by the local mayor and/or a local govenment official.  They are open to the public and are FREE to attend. Below is a list of this year's New Year's Levees.
Please click on the links to get details of each event. 

Jan 4
Stephen Woodworth Member of Parliment
Stanley Park Community Centre

Cambridge City Hall
1pm-3pm (I'm guess the AM they have posted on their site is incorrect, being that it says PM on their poster)

Jan 5
Kitchener City Hall

Woolwich Township does not list the time

Jan 11
Guelph Market Square

Jan 12
RIM Park

St. George's Hall

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