Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why ESET Smart Security Six Is On My List

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Safe And Sound

Yes it's back to school time, but what if you don't need to buy school supplies? I always say it is a great time to stock up on office supplies!  After you get all this year's "must haves" chances are you do your best to take care of all these shiny new items, especially electronics. For your portable devices you have cases to protect them from damage, but what is protecting the inside of your computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone?  If you are spending money on these items you need to ensure that they stay safe and sound.

Did you enjoy that little dance interlude as much as I did? See that is how carefree you can be if you install ESET Smart Security Six.  This program gives you piece of mind.

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Yes you may recognize that line from the A-Team but it really is a great description of what ESET Smart Security 6 does. It brings everything you need together into one great security product for your devices. You bet it will help ensure smooth sailing while you are surfing the web!

ESET Security Six offers protection from
  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Malaware
  • Phishing
To learn more about why you want to keep your devices free from the list above be sure to visit the ESET Smart Security 6 Antivirus and Anti-Theft download page (if you choose to download it, scroll further down on this post for 15% OFF DISCOUNT CODE ) and on their Knowledgebase page. There you find a list of potential  attacks on your computer and how this product defends you against them.

In addition the program contains Parental Controls which will give you the power to monitor what is being shown on your devices.  In this day and age it could give you a lot of piece of mind. It has even been deemed a Winner by the Parent Tested Parent Approved website.

You can find more information about keeping your children safer online by visiting the article on ESET's We Live Security site.


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Over the next month I'll be testing some other features this product provides so be sure to keep track of my upcoming blogs and join the conversation by using the #ESETprotects  hashtag and by following  the ESET twitter handle and the ESET facebook page

Let me know what questions you have about online security in the comments.  I'll do my best to answer them in my next post!


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