Friday, January 18, 2013

Movie Ticket Discounts In Kitchener Waterloo

How To Save Money On Movie Theatre Tickets


Family trips to the movies can get very costly so here are some ways to save!

Cineplex Offers $2.50 Family Favorites Saturday Morning Movies at Galaxy Cinema Waterloo (Conestoga Mall) at 11am to support the Starlight Foundation

Another great offer from Cineplex is SCENE points.  I use a SCENE debit card so I quickly rack up the points, which then turns into FREE MOVIE tickets and discounts on concession items. 

SCENE points members can also receive 10% off Movie Tickets on Tuesday incase you don't have enough points racked up to get in everyone in for free :)


2014 Update Empire is now Landmark Cinemas
it looks like they still offer Tuesday deals at this point and Movie Tots

Fredrick Twin Cinema Offers movies at great prices, but I am unable to find online info for them at this time other than the Cinema Clock listing

Other Ways To Save On Movie Tickets

  • Watch for the discount movie tickets on food packaging -see example at
  • March Break Movies - usually The Princess Cinemas in Waterloo and Empire Theatres offer matinees around the $3 range
  • Check what upcoming FREE family films will be happening at the local library.  Remember we have multiple KPL, WPL and Cambridge Libraries to choose from in this area
  • Contact your local Community Centre to see if they are having any family movie nights.
  • In the summer there are lots of outdoor movies including Movies In The Park (Waterloo Park), Victoria Park, Bingemans, Chicopee, Cambridge City Hall
  • In the warm weather visit the Guelph Mustang Drive-In on one of their car load nights
Add your trick to saving money on movie tickets in the comments!


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